It is a little known fact that Santa Claus has a North Pole Outpost located in County Cork. In fact, Santa has already arrived at Cuskinny Court and has opened the doors of The Cork North Pole Outpost Experience to boys and girls who would like to enrol as an E.I.T (Elf in Training) and see Santa Claus in the lead up to Christmas.


Set deep in the woods on the Great Island near Cobh, Santa will visit the Cork North Pole Outpost every day from the end of November right up to the day before Christmas Eve.


“Children will catch the Elf Express from the hidden Elf station in Cuskinny, from there they will be guided through the busy Elf Outpost, visit the Elf Workshop, help the busy Elves prepare for Christmas Eve – and of course visit Santa Claus,” said Caitriona Johansson, Cuskinny Court.


With stunning Christmas decorations throughout and fires lighting in every room this interactive experience brings to life the values of a real old fashioned Christmas. Visitors can make Christmas decorations in the Elf Workshop, test toys and even enrol as an E.I.T (Elf in Training) and find out some essential Elf skills from Professor Shandon Bells at Elfversity.


“It’s a busy place with lots of elf mischief and plenty of entertainment. Mrs. Claus is kept very busy in the kitchen making gingerbread for visitors, young, old and elfish,” she added.


“We see the Elf Express departing every day, and the Christmas excitement is just infectious. This is an imaginative and theatrical experience for the whole family. The Cork North Pole Outpost creates magical memories that will last forever,” said Caitriona Johansson, Cuskinny Court.


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