Working in the make up Industry for the past decade, I’ve noticed many women tend ask similar questions about applying make up. Below I have written prime examples of frequently asked questions.

Q : Should you always wear a primer under your foundation ? 
A : Primers are fantastic for keeping your foundation on perfectly throughout day and night . A primer creates a smooth  layer on your skin which allows foundation to buff on beautifully . Some primers can contain ingredients such as mulberry extract which is a key ingredient in reducing blemishes and redness from your complexion . However If you have a very oily t-zone I would avoid applying primer here as this can lead to creating more oil in that area.
Q : Is it better to apply your foundation with your fingertips / sponge or with a brush ?
A : I always opt for the brush girls ! When you are using a sponge to apply your foundation it can tend to soak up most of the product and if used for multiple applications bacteria will build and excess dried in foundation will rapidly begin to change the radiant appearance of your skin once used again . Using your fingertips can sometimes be a necessity when it comes to applying make up if you really want to melt the product onto the skin . I normally use fingertips when I want a sheer natural coverage on my foundation . Finally a brush is the most cost friendly in the long run and it gives amazing results . A good foundation brush will use minimal amounts of products and when used in a buffing motion will leave a flawless finish and coverage to the skin.
Q: How do I stop my eyeshadow from creasing through out the day / night ?mac-eyeshadow-shroom-en
A : For most women this is a common concern . I find using neutral base coloured eyeshadows , cream paint pots , eye primers and having the correct tools will leave a perfect long lasting effect. These products create an even base across the eyelid allowing for powdered eyeshadows to be buffed on with an eyeshadow blending brush leaving lasting results for up to 15 hours or more.
Q : Should I define my eyebrows ? I hate the false look. 
A : I always recommend defining your eyebrows as your eyebrows are the one feature on your face that can structure and define your eyes .If using an eyebrow pencil be sure to use it light handed. Always aiming to apply colour to the hair of the brow as oppose to drawing on an obvious arch . I personally use a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow , applying it with a thin angled shaped brush . This gives you a more feathered natural effect and any harsh lines can be softened by combing a disposal mascara wand through the brow to give the perfect finish.
Q : I wear lipstick every day but I hate having to reapply it , how can I overcome this problem ? mac-lipstick
A : Wearing lipstick can be the perfect statement for any occasion day or night . The trick to having a long lasting lipstick is most definitely the prep that happens beforehand ! Applying a lip primer to the lip area first will ensure of beautiful conditioned lips that will handle any texture of lipstick whether its moisturising or matte. When using a lip pencil I would avoid doing a strong outline around the lip area , instead use the side of the pencil to sketch product on all over the lip , this will act like a gripping agent for your lipstick and will leave a lasting colour and stain to the lip for hours.
If there are any other questions you would like answered let me know!



Emma Murray

Emma Murray

Emma Murray is a Mac Trained Freelance Make Up Artist based in Cork and working throughout Munster, Specialising in Bridal , Editorial and all other Occasional Makeup.
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