Vichy proudly introduces Mineral 89, a new essential first step of your skincare routine to strengthen your skin from within, protecting it from pollution, and plumping it with health drop after drop. Vichy’s Mineral 89 combines the power of Vichy mineralizing water with hyaluronic acid, to strengthen skin’s barrier function and protect it from pollution.

Skin is the interface between our body and the external world: it acts as a protective shield against daily aggressors, such as pollution. Keeping it healthy and strong is essential. A more resilient skin means a smooth protective surface and a hydrated structured below. Powered by in-depth research and expertise in the EXPOSOME, Vichy developed a breakthrough formula: Mineral 89.


Drawn from the depths of the French volcanoes, Vichy Mineralizing Water is:

  • Rich in 15 essential minerals, strengthening the skin’s natural defence
  • Backed by 16 scientific studies
  • Proven to stimulate antioxidant defences and reinforce skins integrity by stimulating regeneration and improving its barrier function


The light and fast absorbing formula drenches skin with freshness before disappearing instantly. This sensorial blend has been created with a very pure formula, made of 11 ingredients only: clean and safe, it has been tested on the most sensitive skin and contains no fragrance or colourants.


Think of Mineral 89 as your step 2  in your skincare routine, used daily post cleansing.

Apply 1-2 pumps to face and lips followed by subsequent serums, moisturisers or SPF.

MINERAL 89 skin fortifying daily booster (50ml)

RRP €22.00 Available in Pharmacies

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