For over 70 years, Vichy has been developing innovative sun care solutions that provide optimal protection from the harmful effects of the Sun, while allowing you to have fun in the Sun, whether it be for daily use, getting active outdoors or relaxing on holiday.

IDÉAL SOLEIL, Vichy’s luxurious range of sun care products are excited to introduce an innovative new range of sun care solutions SOLAR PROTECTIVE WATERS. It is the first Solar Protective Water with broad spectrum filters, breakthrough water texture and natural active ingredients to protect and improve skin quality.

The light, fresh water formula is available in three colourful, Summer-inspired options, depending on your skin requirements – Hydration, Antioxidant and Enhanced Tan. With a fresh texture and individual light fragrance, Solar Protective Waters offer a convenient on-the-go application, providing high protection against harmful UV rays with SPF30.


Upon application the Solar Protective Waters improve skin quality leaving a luminous finish.  With a non-sticky, non-greasy and nude finish that doesn’t stain, it continues to moisturise skin, even in salty or chlorinated water, as well as being sweat resistant.  For those looking to improve individual skincare concerns, each formula is enhanced with an active ingredient to ensure you achieve a healthy tan.

  • Hydration contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin and promotes luminosity.
  • Enhance Tan contains Beta Carotene encouraging a natural glow.
  • Antioxidant with blueberry polyphenols gives an antioxidant boost.

With a unique combination of Vichy’s UVB/A (long) filters to protect against UV damage, one million droplets per spritz ensures you’re well protected, versus 80,000 droplets for a classical spray.


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