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The focus of this weeks blog will be on denim. As the winter creeps in every year I always find myself rooting through my wardrobe for all my old jeans. At a size 14 you would think I would find it easy to go into a shop and buy a size 14 jeans and live happily ever after. This is by far not the case for me! There are two different types of denim; one that stretches and one that does not. It is important to know what type of look you are hoping to achieve with your jeans whether it be casual, dressy or everyday wear. Another point to consider would be to choose which material you would feel most comfortable in, stretchy or non-stretchy denim?!


 Stretchy Denim vs Non Stretchy Denim 


Stretchy Denim 
In the past I found myself squeezing into a size 12 because of the stretchy material in the denim. I thought sure “why not, they are stretchy”? Big mistake! This does not work as the jeans instantly look too small and leave a massive bulge around the tummy area. Contrary to this the size 14 always became to loose after a few washes and the jeans ended up moving downward leaving me with a massive bare back and with that I was afraid to move incase I displayed a builders bum. I have the problem of in-between sizes when it comes to stretchy jeans. Learning from previous experiences, I don’t agree with squeezing into a pair of jeans that are too small so I gave up a long time ago buying a size 12 jeans. Buying a size too small in jeans is always a no go in my opinion. How many of us buy clothes too small and promise we are going to shift that extra few pounds? We are all guilty at some stage. Instead we should embrace the body we have in the moment as I believe that confidence is the key to all styles. Instead I embraced my figure and began to accessories the size 14 using all different type of belts from Penneys. A belt can do wonders for a pair of jeans that just will not sit right on the hips. The thicker you go with the belt the more support the belt will give. If worn correctly, stretchy denim can be so comfortable. Every time I wash my stretchy denims they are a tight fit and fit perfectly however after a few hours they become loose and like a different pair of jeans altogether. This is why I suggest you stock up on your belts and have neutral colours that will match all outfits. For example- black, tanned or a nice belt with a distinctive buckle. Life is too short to not accessorise.


Jennifer Lopez pictured here is wearing stretchy denim jeans. Stretchy are fantastic for a casual but dressy daytime look. They can be accompanied by a nice wooly winter jumper, a blazer, a fitted shirt or a matching denim shirt like the above. A denim top with denim jeans works well and especially in the winter when we get to wear winter boots. I would suggest making a statement with shoes if going for the all denim look. As with all denim looks you are more open to the selection of footwear that you can choose. My suggestions are white, nude or black pointed stilettos for a dressy look or a nice pair of leather winter ankle boots for the casual look. The above denim jeans can be found at Simply Be.ie, Boohoo.com, H&M and Penneys.
Kourtney Kardashian pictured wearing super comfortable stretchy jeans for that perfect daytime look. Here she layers her look with a t-shirt that flows over the the front section of the jeans making her body and legs look longer and breaking up the denim from the wool jumper. Perfect winter look, keeping it stylish but very casual. The hat and the shades of course adds that extra edge. You can find dark denim stretchy jeans in the following stores; Penneys, River island, Dunnes stores and Forever 21.
Non Stretchy Denim
Denim that does not stretch sometimes can scare people so they will not invest. I was always the one to buy stretchy denim until one day I noticed a pair of jeans on the sale rack in Top Shop. A size 16 I tried them on thinking they might be too big but to my suprise they were the perfect fit for me. On the one hand I could squeeze into a size 12 in stretchy jeans and on the other hand I was a perfect size 16 in the non stretchy jeans, and us women wonder why we obsess with size? Non stretch jeans are amazing on when you find a pair that fit perfectly. As I always stress with styling; do not let size in clothes stop you from having confidence accompanied by that perfect style. If you need to go bigger in a size that feels comfortable then do so. You are the best judge as to what fits and what does not.

is pictured above in her classic genetic cigarette jeans. Jeans with a non stretch material tend to have
more ripped effects which creates an edgy look different to that of the stretchy denim. Although Beyonce rocks her ripped jeans look with Prada black boots it is very simple to recreate this look at a cheaper price. Beyonce adds bangles and chains making a very simple outfit look like she’s ready for a night out with the girls. The white loose vest top tucked in on one side flaunts Beyonce’s beautiful curves but she leaves one side flow giving that punk vibe to her style. Denim and white compliment each other so well. The stores I would suggest for jeans like the above are River Island, Miss Selfridge, Zara and Abercrombie.
Another non stretch denim look are the boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans are designed to hang below the waist and a belt also works really well with this look. These jeans are Current Elliot Jeans on Jennifer Aniston. If you are looking for boyfriend jeans similar I would suggest stores like GAP, Hollister and Top Shop. Completing this look Jennifer goes for simple white converse and a black leather jacket creating the perfect edgy look. 


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Tia Duffy




Since 2011 Tia Duffy has been one of Irelands leading plus size models as well as a spokesperson on body   image and confidence. Tia is internationally recognised and signed in Ireland (Assets Models) the UK, South  Africa and the USA. You can visit Tia’s FaceBook page “Tia Duffy Curvy Model” .



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