Ensure you’ve the right foundation for your wedding day with Bridal Boudoir

Choosing the correct lingerie to wear beneath your gown is almost as important as choosing the wedding dress itself. The wrong underwear and support could end up in catastrophe and could easily destroy your whole look on the big day.

Before you even pick your bridal gown you need to think about how much support you would need. For example if you are large-busted, a well-supported bra or corset is a must. It wouldn’t be too wise to choose a backless dress or one with a full sheer back.

There are three main things to keep in mind when deciding what foundation you should go for: Type of dress, body shape and personal taste. It’s not just about looking fabulous but also about comfort and practicality. It’s a long day of sitting, eating and dancing. And don’t forget the easily forgotten tasks of visiting the restroom! The wrong underwear, that is very difficult to get off, will result in you having to take off the wedding gown every time.

But fear not, Maya O’Brien and her fabulous boutique, Bridal Boudoir, is here to sort you out!

So, when should you buy your lingerie?

My advice would be to wait until you have been for your first dress-fitting with your dressmaker. They will guide you on what to get, depending on the fit of your dress, the silhouette you want to achieve and how much support you need.

At Bridal Boudoir, we have combined the two services and offer our brides a large range of lingerie and alterations at the same appointment to make sure to get an impeccable fit.

Many bridal gowns that are in fashion right now have tricky necklines that require specialised, fitted underwear. If you have a backless dress you might have to consider a stick-on bra. Remember to pick a well-supported one with wire and good glue. Gel cups are not recommended, as they are too heavy and tend to drop. The other option, if you are looking for more support around your tummy and a lift to the bust, is a very low-cut corset.

If you’re wearing a more classic A-line dress with heavy layers, the options are endless and you can pick something a bit lighter for underneath. You might not even have to wear any if the dress has good support with boning and in-built bust pads.

The opposite, a slinky light satin dress, needs a really good foundation, as any lines would be shown through the fabric and you will spend the day feeling conscious about it. A low cut balcony bra, plus high-waist knickers will do the job here. The knickers will have to be high enough, preferably meet the bra ,and have silicon at the top, not to roll down. There’s various bottoms to choose from depending on what the dress allows for and your personal taste; light weight with no legs, just smooth out, thicker ones like spanks, long legs, mid legs. Sometimes a seamless thong would also be a great option.

For a very structured, tight-fitted dress, knickers wouldn’t be a great option as shapewear, as it’s nearly impossible to go to the toilet. A shaping slip-skirt works perfectly in this case! Again, remember to check that it has silicon, this time on the leg, so as not to travel up.

Colour is another important thing to take into consideration. We would normally go for a colour matching the dress, mostly ivory. It looks beautiful at first glance but could shine though the fabric of the dress and the risk that it will show in photographs is one you won’t want to take, so pick skin colour if you have the option. The something blue is there to finish off the look and a pretty garter in soft lace with a bit of powder blue details; it’s gorgeous!

And then, the one thing many brides forget, the lingerie for the wedding night! You might not like to spend your first night as a Mrs wearing your nude super-sexy shapewear. Get a matching set in ivory or if you’re wearing a bra or corset on the day, you can get matching sexy undies to change in to!

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