Linda Cantello interprets Armani Privé Spring Summer 2018 in make-up:

“Inspiration from Mr. Armani was ‘Opal’. A cloudy sky, aurora borealis. Pastel shades mattified to make an indiscernible nuage of colors.”

The Makeup Look, Step by Step


Prepare and massage skin with ARMANI PRIMA GLOW-ON MOISTURISING BALM, ensuring the cream is absorbed before adding the foundation. Then apply POWER FABRIC in a slightly lighter shade than natural skin tone. Also dab some foundation on lips and eyelids.

Then using LIP MAESTRO in shade #506 as a blush, gradually build up a soft shape on cheeks and temples to create a subtle pink halo of color.


Apply three shades of EYE TINT (#35 Jade Reflection, #32 Blue Reflection, #33 Rose Reflection) blended with loose pigments in same shades to create a soft pastel wash of color.  Apply Jade Reflection on mobile lid and inner corner, Blue Reflection on outer corner and underneath the eye, and Rose Reflection on the center of the eye.


Then use FACE FABRIC #0 Matte White and apply on brow bone, t-zone, on top of lip and on chin.

Apply ECCENTRICO mascara #1 Obsidian Black top and bottom. Finish the look with added lashes, quarter fringe top and bottom.


Dab LIP MAESTRO #505, inside and on center lip. Using FACE FABRIC #0, create a white matte halo around the lip contour.

Powder at the end using LUMINOUS SILK COMPACT. Finish should be matte.


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