A runway favourite, the paddle brush is ideal for those with thick hair or extensions. The large, flat shape is smoothing and anti-static. Crafted with natural boar bristles that glide effortlessly through hair, it will not catch or drag extensions. This durable brush stimulates the scalp to help distribute natural oils in your hair to condition throughout.

FARO Paddle Brush €19Over-washing can dry out extensions, create frizz, and cause them to tangle more easily. If you have clip-in extensions, you  should wash them once a month. If you have sew-in extensions, you should wash them every other day.

When preparing to wash your extensions, whether they are clip-in or sew-in, be sure to brush out any tangles or knots. For the best results use the FARO Detangling Paddle Brush €19. When washing your extensions be sure to use a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner combination.

After you have washed your extensions, let them air dry. To keep your tangles and frizz to a bare minimum use the FARO Detangle Paddle Brush to brush through some leave in conditioner.

FARO brushes are available from faro.ie and selected pharmacies nationwide.