If you are currently unemployed or looking at progressing back into the workplace in the future but do not seem to have the time to juggle both a training programme and home/life commitments, childcare and costs, then this course may be the one for you!

The course – Healthcare QQ1 Level 5 – was piloted last year in Midleton through SECAD and ESF PEIL funding for Gender Equality – Strand A: Women Returning to the Workforce: Healthcare Opportunities for Women.

Vicki Kelly, the Co-ordinator, is now recruiting for the next round to commence in September. She will be holding an information session at SECAD in Midleton on Friday May 18 at 11am. If you want to hear more and see if this might be relevant or suitable for you, why don’t you pop along and feel free to bring a friend. You can call SECAD for further information and directions. Equally its will be fine to turn up on that morning.

This is a free training course for those not in receipt of a Jobseekers payment and not working.

This course is designed to suit those with family commitments and includes personal development, peer support, coaching and mentoring throughout.

A full Level 5 Award in Healthcare Support can be achieved at the end of this course, with eight modules certified separately throughout the programme.



Contact Vicki Kelly by calling 021 461 3432 for further information.

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