Irish designer Catriona Hanly releases The Jewel Collection, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

Irish fashion designer, Catriona Hanly, has released an exquisite collection of handcrafted, statement pieces, inspired by one iconic woman in particular, a woman with whom style and elegance has always been synonymous: Elizabeth Taylor.


The internationally renowned designer says of the muse behind her S/S offering: “It was after reading an article in Vanity Fair, chronicling Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with jewels, that I found my latest source of inspiration. I was immediately taken in by the beautiful colours of her jewellery and more specifically, the way in which the fabrics she wore caught the jewels’ light; it was magical. It wasn’t just a case of gold or silver; the jewels’ unique colouring was what really stood out to me. I decided in that moment to take the elegance of Miss Taylor’s love for exquisite jewels and mix it with my long-standing passion for luxury fabrics and colour.”

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The result is a carefully considered curation – aptly named The Jewel Collection – like no other, and one that signifies somewhat of an intriguing departure for Catriona Hanly. Where previous lines have centred first and foremost around fabrics and cuts – for which this designer is known – with this collection, Catriona Hanly sought a more notable emphasis on mesmerising colour, from heavenly corals to hot, ruby reds. For The Jewel Collection, colour was the ultimate starting point when it came to each beautiful piece, while her unique eye for rich and delicate fabrics brings the whole offering together.

“Now that we are in the midst of awards season,” says Catriona, “I am reminded furthermore of Elizabeth Taylor; an unforgettable icon of the red carpet.” Her hope with this collection is that the pieces – be it the amethyst inspired purple blouse or the subtle nods to striking black diamonds – will shine like jewels themselves.


As always, Catriona offers the ultimate luxury collection for statement occasion wear with a fresh and fanciful colour palette that lends itself wonderfully to the S/S season. That said, the designer was keen to include a selection of black capsule pieces – inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s love for black diamonds – for black is a colour that transcends all seasons. Once again, Catriona Hanly succeeds in subverting sartorial expectations with a medley of wardrobe heroes. Among The Jewel Collection, you’ll find a fresh take on something this designer is well known: her signature blouses with pussy-bow ties and delicate candy floss-like ruffled accents. Luxurious silk organza and Chantilly lace dominate the collection, while the jewel-toned colours catch the eye. From the ruby red lace blouse to the aquamarine blue silk dress with stunning white lace detail, this collection invites you to experience the elegance of one of Hollywood’s most memorable icons. What’s more, many of the pieces are made to measure, ensuring the utmost sartorial confidence.


Revered by stylish celebrities and adored by those who truly appreciate original fashion design, Catriona Hanly’s latest collection is a treasure to behold and one that’s in stores now.

Catriona Hanly is stocked in the Design Centre and Emporium Kalu, Naas. She also takes orders that are available countrywide.  

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