By Leah Haupenthal

When you wake up in the morning it’s dark and cold outside and it’s the same thing when you leave the office; then you know it’s winter. The winter months can be very depressing but there are some tips and tricks that can help you blow away the winter blues and keep you glowing throughout the cold months.

The key to an outer glow is to keep your mind and body healthy. So, as soon as you see some sunshine, try to get out of the house and go for a little walk to enjoy the rays, even just for a few minutes. Cork has lots of brilliant walks to offer, whether it’s by the beach in West Cork or just in one of the nice parks.

Another benefit is that it’s good for your body to stay a bit active during the colder months, either by walking, exercising in the gym or just doing some simple yoga poses at home. Freestyle for Lifestyle Gym Food & Fitness in Douglas East is a great place to get yourself fit. Your body will thank you for it by being more energetic and healthier.


Jessica Loves Gifts & Home Wares, Success candle €10.

But everyone knows that the winter is perfect for cuddling and wrapping yourself up in cosy blankets and enjoying the cold weather from some warm place, maybe by the fire at home. So, don’t force yourself to get moving all the time, just allow yourself to be lazy. Get some lovely Success candles, blankets, cushions or teas, for example in the Interiosity Home Boutique in Douglas or in Youghal’s Jessica Loves Gifts & Homewares.

Also try to surround yourself with people who make you happy and do things that make you happy. Everyone has their own way of reaching happiness and keeping that spark in their eyes and the glow around themselves, so do what you love.


Interiosity Home Boutique, Honeycomb Grey cushion, €35.

After finding our inner glow, we can start working on the outer glow by taking care of your skin, your style, your makeup and your outer appearance in general. Go treat yourself! You could go to a salon and get a nice facial, nail or hair treatment. Brilliant options for that would be the Beauty Boutique by Tara in Ballincollig, the Divine Digitz Nails & Beauty in Bantry, Puerto Banus Nail Bar in Douglas, Caroline’s Beauty Haven in Crosshaven, Jerry’s Hair Studio and Victoria’s Beauty Salon in Cork, Foxys Hair & Beauty in Passage West or Parlour 21 Hair & Beauty in Cork.

If you don’t feel like leaving the house just DIY yourself a facemask and help your skin or try new makeup looks or outfits that will keep you warm and stylish. As well as that, winter is the time for accessories! Scarves, hats, gloves, boots and so many more. There’s a massive variety of styles to choose from, reaching from cosy to fancy to modern to classical.


Interiosity Home Boutique, Douglas Cork, large candle holder Gold Hurricane, €24.50.

Lots of choices can be found in the lovely boutiques around Cork like Love Cherish in Charleville, Suzsa Boutique in Fermoy, Kinari Boutique in Kinsale, Jon Clare Fashions in Cork, the Corali Boutique in Fermoy or Silk Peaches in Ballincollig.

After reading all these tips and tricks, we hope you have a lovely winter and enjoy the cold months happily with a glow.


Recommended Partners mentioned:

Freestyle for Lifestyle Gym Food & Fitness
087 290 6785

Interiosity Home Boutique
021 489 8471

Jessica Loves Gifts & Home Wares
086 881 2143

Beauty Boutique by Tara
021 487 5158

Divine Digitz Nails & Beauty
087 147 1155

Puerto Banus Nail Bar
021 489 7686

Caroline’s Beauty Haven
087 153 1516

Jerry’s Hair Studio and Victoria’s Beauty Salon
021 427 4968

Foxys Hair & Beauty
087 973 3310

Parlour 21 Hair & Beauty
021 4211 442

Love Cherish
063 21 830

Suzsa Boutique
086 234 2468

Kinari Boutique
021 470 9953

Jon Clare Fashions
021 427 7114

Corali Boutique
025 33 766

Silk Peaches
021 487 9190

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