The new KISS Lash Couture, Triple Push-Up Collection is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic double-layered lashes, a rare beautiful mutation that led her to be not only the most stunning starlet in Hollywood but also famous for having the most beautiful eyes in the world!

KISS have patented the Triple Design Technology that leaves a three-tier stacked effect in one single band leaving you with ultimate volume and comfort. Going for that extra dash of glamour is exactly what KISS’ new lash collection is all about, and with each design coming in different styles, users are able to go as bold or natural as they like.


Celeb fans such as Cardi B dazzled the Met Gala red carpet rocking KISS Lash Couture’s Push-Up Collection.

Product Features

Different Layer effect

Combine three different layers with three different lash patterns in one single band.

Multi Thickness

Most of conventional lashes have only one thickness of lash hairs. This collection adds different lash thickness with microfibres.

Various Curls

Different layers and patterns create various curls and angles.


Corset €10


Bustier €10


Brassiere €10

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