Nail it!… By Cliona Sweeney

What is a Nail?

The nail plate is the hard part of the nail which we file and is made up of layers of dead skinimage-7 cells, yes that’s right it’s dead! So leaving nail varnish, gel polish and nail enhancements off your nails to let them breath is a total misconception as it is non living. In fact having something on your nails will actually protect them, even a layer of clear varnish or a nail strengthener is better than leaving them naked.

What causes your nails to split and peel is (a) dehydration caused by water as it strips the oils from the nail (b) harsh chemicals such as anti bacterial soaps and not wearing gloves (c) not using cuticle oil (d) using your nails as tools!

A regular manicure usually consists of a file, cuticle tidy and buffing the nail plate will help to image-8smoothen any ridges and also encourages growth. Most salons will usually tailor a treatment or programme to help with problematic nails or dry cuticles and skin. In certain instances if you have tried the above but to no avail it may also relate to diet, medication or the overall well being of the body. It could be something lacking in your diet that attributes to the poor condition of your nails. The vitamins and minerals required image-9for healthy nails are also associated with our skin and hair so a supplement such as perfectil or biotin which is available in most pharmacy’s and health food stores could help to improve the condition of your nails.
Wearing gloves while doing household jobs will help to
protect the nails and regular use of cuticle oil will help to repair them. Also ensure when opening car doors or cans to use the pads of your fingers. Your nails are jewels not tools!

Cliona Sweeney

Cliona Sweeney

Nail and beauty expert Cliona Sweeney has over 14 years of experience in the industry winning ‘Best overall Nail Salon’ in the U beauty awards ’14 for her nail bar in Kopper Hair Glanmire and also won ‘Best for nail training’ ’13 for her beauty school,Beautique Training Academy.

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