Pack suncare that works as hard as you do when you head out into the great outdoors this Summer! An Irish Summer may only be one Thursday in July but that’s enough time for the sun to do its damage. Whether you’re hitting the beach, the park, pool or pitch at home or abroad, you’ll need high-performing protection against the Sun’s rays that won’t let you down.

P20’s Continuous Spray – available in SPF50 from April – provides reliable suncare for up to 10 hours, so you can keep up the pace without compromising your performance. P20’s unique lightweight formula is highly water-resistant, meaning that it keeps intact protection levels even after four 20-minute sessions in the water. So, you won’t be slowed down by constant reapplication of sunscreen.


“There’s nothing like that feeling of getting back out there after the Winter,” says Mette Koch, Marketing Director for P20. “But it may be the first time your skin has been exposed for some time, so a high-performing sunscreen is a fitness and Summer essential. Remember that the Sun’s rays are at their strongest between early Spring to late Summer.” Yes, even in cloudy Ireland.

P20’s broad spectrum UV protection ensures you are fully protected when enjoying the outdoors. The range offers UVB protection, as well as very high UVA protection, which shields the skin from Sun-related damage and premature aging. The UVA protection in P20 far exceeds EU recommendations and is therefore rated five out of five stars.

P20’s unique formula is transparent and lightweight, meaning it is easily absorbed into the skin with no visible trace or sticky feel in just 15 minutes, meaning no hanging around! Even better again, it contains no added fragrances or colorants.

Multi-spray technology means you can now protect those hard-to-reach areas with a factor 50. With the Continuous Spray’s multi-angle format, it sprays easily at every angle for quick and even coverage.

Mette says: “When you’re out in the great outdoors, your focus should be on what you’re doing, not worrying about applying the next layer of lotion. P20 is a hardworking and high performing product for high performing people.”

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