Ray Terry Photography will add an element of fun to your wedding album

Ray Terry Photography is a husband and wife team, who fell in love with photography and each other. “We both met and worked in MacSweenys Photoshop back in 2003. In 2007, Ray photographed his first wedding. Irene continued to work in retail but behind the scenes, she was building our profile on social media and doing all the editing. In 2015, MacSweenys Photoshop closed down and we decided to go full-time into photography and we haven’t looked back!”

Ray Terry Photography specialises mainly in wedding photography. “We bring a professional, fun and relaxed environment to a wedding day. We would often walk into a house the morning of a wedding to discover the delight of people when they see us in action, as were not your typical photographers. We like to have a bit of fun and we bounce off each other, as well as delivering a professional, exceptional end result.

“We were shooting a wedding recently and we showed the couple an image we took and the bride said: ‘Wow! This is us! I can’t believe this is us!’ We were absolutely blown away by this comment and we set out to achieve this from every wedding we photograph.”

The night before a wedding Ray and Irene even practice poses with each other, to ensure they can easily communicate these to the couple the next day. “We want the couple to feel 100 percent comfortable around us and it makes for stunning images.”

26168379_1548973268518013_8115258170876824506_nRay Terry Photography
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