Still unsure what to put on your wishlist for Christmas? Well, beauty lovers, we have you sorted. Make-up brush favourite Real Techniques has just launched the MultiTech Collection and the Expert Organiser. Festive gift and stocking stuffer? Sorted!

The MultiTech Collection is a brand new line of brushes named by size instead of application, so users can feel free to be as creative as their imaginations will allow and showcase their most Instagramable looks.


These are Real Technique’s latest in brush innovation, specially designed with the same unique universal cut across the brushes and beauty sponge.

The versatility of the range is something that Real Techniques’ Sam and Nic Chapman are especially proud of: “The MultiTech Collection is already a staple in our brush kits. They’re just so easy to use. Whether you’re using liquids or powders, want a smokey eye or a soft contour, the possibilities are endless with the universal cut of the Multi-Tech brushes. They’re a real beauty junkie must-have!”

With eight pieces in total up for grabs there’s really no look that can’t be achieved with these brilliant bristles.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Sam and Nic have even sorted out where you’re going to store your brand new brushes.

We here at Hi Magazine will bet our Christmas budgets that your vanities are cluttered with beauty products and applicators more often than you’d like. Enter the Expert Organizer! And it doesn’t just organise, it facilitates brush drying too. What more could you want from one product?

The organiser is designed to cling to glossy surfaces like glass, mirrors, marble, flat shiny tiles and laminate without the need for suction cups, adhesives or wall mounts. The smart design features three pockets for storage, and slots in between hold brushes head down to dry after washing, which not only protects bristle integrity and performance but promotes skin health via clean tools.

“Expert Organizer takes advantage of unused spaces, is easy to install and positions makeup tools front and centre, so you can quickly find what you need,” said Eva Oreskovich, Vice President of Global Marketing for Paris Presents Incorporated, the owner of the brand, Real Techniques. The product can be peeled off and reused wherever you want and there’s also a single pocket option for beauty lovers who are constantly on the go.

“It makes getting ready so much easier,” said Nic. And isn’t that the ultimate vanity goal?

RLT-1480 Multi Tech Points Set

The Small Points Set (RRP €26.99)



The Point L Brush (RRP €14.99)


The Point XL Brush (RRP €15.99)


The Point XXXL Brush (RRP €16.99)



The Point Makeup Sponge (RRP €8.99)

The Expert Organizer (RRP €11.99 Single Pocket Organizer and €19.99 Three Pocket Expert Organizer).

Available at Shaws Department Stores, Minihans’ and other leading pharmacies nationwide now.

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