Most woman have a daily skincare routine of applying moisturizers and cleansing with make up removers / toners but have you ever wondered what type of skin type you actually have ?

With 40% of people claiming to have a more sensitive skin type and the majority of people I often encounter will always tend to say they have combination skin , It is my belief that most people do not use the accurate and correct products for their skin attribute. Having beautifully nourished, healthy looking skin doesn’t come from concealing and hiding underneath foundation. In order to achieve a healthy smooth looking finish to your complexion you need to go back to the basics and use the correct products for your skin type. Skin can be broken down into four different catagories :

  • Sensitivity 
  • Texture
  • Oil and moisture 
  • Pigmentation   


A sensitive skin type is skin which is easily irritated and can often have a slight stinging sensation.  In order to calm and Sensitive-skinsoothe the skin products which contain ingredients such as Cucumber extract and Kola Seed extract are a must have . These key ingredients act as anti – irritants to help soothe and instantly calm irritated skin . MAC’s Complete Comfort Creme instantly relieves sensitive skin and over time reduces the appearance of redness and blotchiness . Placing a small amount of product on the tips of your fingers begin to massage it into your skin . It instantly cools and leaves your skin feeling beautifully smooth and nourished.
A Textured skin is skin which can feel quite rough and coarse to touch. This can often be Dry-SKincaused by the natural elements which surround us all in our every day life . To smooth and even out the skins texture an ingredient like Sucrose which is a natural  exfoliator can work wonders . Mac’s Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 is a lightweight moisturiser that provides broad spectrum UV protection which is a necessity if you have a more textured skin type. It will even out your skin tone and leave your skin looking more radiant whilst improving the skins natural moisture barrier. This will allow you to go fresh faced about your everyday life .
If you are prone to more of an oily skin type then sometimes choosing your Skincare regime can be harder as you don’t want to increase the oil in your skin but you may still
Oily skin need some rehydration . MAC’s Oil Control Lotion is designed to control the dispersion of oil throughout the day so by doing this it helps you maintain a matte finish . Also blot papers can be extremely useful to carry around with you on a daily basis . They are small enough to pop into your handbag and by taking one sheet of blot paper and placing it on your t -zone for only a few seconds  (forehead , nose  and chin ) it absorbs the excess oil from your skin leaving you with a gorgeous oil free complexion .
Pigmentation : To have pigmentation in the skin can seem like
images-24a never ending problem if you are constantly trying to conceal it with products such as foundations and concealors . In order to improve the radiance and clarity of the skin natural ingredients such as Mulberry extract are fantastic as it instantly calms the appearance of redness and pigmentation . Botanical extracts of Spinach and Passionfruit deliver nutrients to the skin which help the skin to look healthy and radiant . For instant nourishment on the skin try Mac’s Studio Moisture Cream .

Emma Murray

Emma Murray




Emma Murray is a Mac Trained Freelance Make Up Artist based in Cork and working throughout Munster, Specialising in Bridal , Editorial and all other Occasional Makeup.
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