Cork’s first artisan Gin and Vodka Distillery, St Patrick’s in Douglas, Cork, has launched a new range of delicious, lower calorie, gluten free vodka and gins.

Most of the spirits that we consume today are produced from grains, which contain high levels of easily converted sugars, but St Patrick’s Distillery has rekindled the sophisticated artisan tradition of using Ireland’s staple crop, the potato, to produce their exclusive brand of potato spirits.  This not only gives a better taste and aroma, but remarkable purity and smoothness.

This grain free process also has the added benefit of the end products being completely gluten free, with less sugars.  The distillery is predicting a surge in demand for gluten-free products over the next few years from bars and grocery chains across Ireland who are looking for beverages that satisfy the needs and the palates of customers with dietary restrictions.

Commenting, Barry Fitzgerald, Brand Manager of St Patrick’s Distillery, said, “A common misconception is that all of the gluten in grain is removed by distilling , and many people concerned about their diet now choose to completely avoid products made from wheat”.

“We start with zero gluten, zero sugar and zero lactose, and because our facilities are used for potatoes only, we have no risk of cross contamination from any grain or wheat source. It is the perfect choice for adults who are concerned about what they consume, have intolerances or a coeliac condition.”

The distillery’s first spirit batch uses Lady Clare and Rosetta varieties which contain very low, stable reducing sugars.  These spirits reflect the fruits of the distillery’s labour – a truly unique beverage experience that’s done the right way.

“The proof is in the bottle!” says Barry, “You can really savour the aroma, the taste, the difference.  It’s a treat for all, not just those who need to avoid gluten. Best served chilled!

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