Tackling the Winter Blues! By Emma O’Toole

The year is fast approaching to a close. When the clocks changed, the sense of darker days, cold nights, jumpers, boots, hats and scarves make an appearance from the wardrobe. Our bodies shift from the summer salad to warm, satisfying, comfort food. Sometimes that is not enough to shake the winter blues.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a genuine condition many people have to live with everyday during the winter months. Treatment may include light therapy, medication and psychotherapy.
The cause of SAD is unknown but certain hormones within the body are reduced or increased.
Serotonin levels drop, which affects our moods. The reduced daylight, the “happy hormone” is not reaching a level to uplift our moods to feel happy.
Melatonin levels change with the longer nights. Naturally, our bodies’ increase the melatonin level around late afternoon and it’s at its highest for the rest of the night. It then reduces when waking and during the day. The “sleep hormone” is increased earlier in the day during the winter months, making your body feel tired and sluggish.
One yoga pose can help reverse the feelings of the winter blues,  is the Downward-Facing Dog.
To get into downward facing dog:
  • Come onto the floor on your hands and knees. Ensure the hands are shoulder width apart and the knees are hip width apart.
  • Spread the palms and fingers. Inhale and feel the hip lift upwards.
  • The knees will peel from the floor. The sit bones move backwards to where the ceiling meets the wall.
  • Arms are straight. Roll the upper arms away from the ears to relax the shoulders.
  • The heels don’t need to touch the floor. For tight hamstrings bend the knees to respect where your body will allow you to move.
  • Enjoy!

It reduces tiredness and focuses on the on body awareness and alignment.

Clams the brain to relive stress and mild depression

Energises the body

Strengthens the arms, legs and shoulders

It relieves insomnia, fatigue, sinusitis and asthma.

Emma O'Toole

Emma O’Toole

Emma O’Toole has been practising yoga to relieve pain in movement and promote holistic wellbeing. She shares all her yoga experiences in a kind and caring way to everyone. you can visit Emma’s Website     www.yogawithemma.ie

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