The Art of Eyebrow Threading… By Emma Murray

This month I discovered the old ancient Asian technique of Threading! It is one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. It is believed to have began in turkey , although now currently most popular in India and other parts of the Middle East and it is also now practiced worldwide! In Asia young girls can learn the art of threading from as young as 4 and 5 from their elders . It is part of their culture so they grow up seeing their sisters and mother practice it .




The Experience:

Normally i choose to pluck or wax my eyebrows . I am normally like the majority of people a creature of habit. I mostly stick with what I know works and it can be hard to break out of your comfort zone to try new things ! But like everything else new experiences can be amazing! So this month instead of booking my appointment for an eyebrow wax or attacking myself with a tweezers,  I decided to give eyebrow threading a go ! I made my appointment at the brow counter in Brown Thomas Cork. All the girls on the counter are fully trained in threading so it doesn’t matter what day or time you make your appointment for . Within 5 minutes i was converted to the world of threading. The results were amazing and I could not be happier !

It started with me lying back on a low chair tilting my head back and holding the skin above and below my brow with both my index fingers . This helps to firm up the area of the brow to allow you to achieve a flawless precise clean finish to your brows. Threading involves the beautician rolling twisted cotton threads over hairlines to remove unwanted hair . To do this she holds one piece of cotton thread by her teeth and the other with her left hand. The middle part of the thread is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand . The loop is used to trap the unwanted hair so it can be easily plucked from the skin. You can choose to take one individual hair at a time or more depending on which shape you want. It normally takes no more than 10-15minutes and i found my experience to be pain free. I was greatly surprised as I have a low tolerance for pain! I immediately questioned myself why have I not tried this before!!! The results were flawless and I was left with almost no redness which is always fantastic ! The hair is pulled from the root so results last up to 6-8 weeks !! Unlike waxing this process does not strip off a layer of skin and it is such a gentle process that it does not stretch the skin in the surrounding areas which almost always leads to hooded eyes in years to come . Also when your working with hot wax it can burn the skin on the brow area and can leave intense redness for days. Another pro for threading!! At a total cost of €15 for eyebrow threading it is definitely a must for all women. It is also suitable for all skin types so you don’t have that worry of being dry , oily or sensitive . Threading can be done anywhere on the face or body and is rapidly becoming the way forward for all women worldwide . I recommend everyone to give it a try and experience the amazing results of threading yourself !! Make your appointment now !

Emma Murray

Emma Murray

Emma Murray is a Mac Trained Freelance Make Up Artist based in Cork and working throughout Munster, Specialising in Bridal , Editorial and all other Occasional Makeup.
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