The Beard is Back!!…

By Colum McCormack-Crowe

Everyone must be aware by now that ‘The Beard is Back!’…I’m not talking about an apologetic peppering of metrosexual stubble, I’m talking the full beard. You only need to look around a bar, office or anywhere to see how mans latest and new beard obsession has grown! This latest trend in the world of male fashion and grooming, that is inspired by the wardrobes of our grandfathers and great grandfathers see’s men embrace their masculinity, appropriately paired with strong facial hair, showing that this trend is as strong as man himself! 






Different styles include ‘The Mountain Man‘, this style is rugged and adaptable (trim it news-beard-seasonneat or let it sprout) but be careful to stop short of the full ZZ Top look!




The “Traditional English Gent” look is big this year so if your look is old school and you love a tweed jacket then that’s the one for you!




The Point” look is also very popular, but avant garde types are now also experimenting with the super-point, a long tapered beard that provides a serious elongation of the face. It’s a style favoured by artists, rockers and wizards.images-9








images-10And don’t worry if your heading north of 35 or going a little grey? Beards are in for both the young and stylish as well as groomed daddies!





If your Intending on growing your beard from scratch you need to let it grow for up to two weeks depending on how fast it grows, use a beard or head trimmers to trim the beard ensuring that the length is consistent all around. Alternatively a good barber will also know how to groom it for you giving you the most professional finish!




Colum McCormack-Crowe

Colum McCormack-Crowe



Colum McCormack-Crowe is the Editor of Hi Magazine.

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