Red is a block primary colour, a confident colour in my opinion. Dressing in red for a party or an event is a brave choice so why not consider it for your next big event especially with Christmas just around the corner. The next time you see something red in a shop go try it on. Red suits all figures and complexions from red heads to blondes and brunettes. I hope the festive season will inspire woman of all shapes and sizes to have the confidence to dress with style. Always try different looks and do not axe certain styles because you have a particular body shape. The key is identifying the body shape and going with what compliments your body the most.


Here are some celebrity examples; 

oprah-winfrey-style-evolution-2006-620bes012611 Oprah Winfrey is glowing with her beautiful diamond shaped figure. Oprah is really complimenting her diamond shape as her hips are broader than her bust and shoulders. The patterns on the dress draw attention to her stomach and hips for all the right reasons, to celebrate her beautiful curves. The dress is hugging her hips and then it drops into pleats giving Oprah a much longer midsection. Perfection!


grammy_adele12S Adele has an apple shaped figure. I picked this look because it was a brave choice and I love it! People with an apple shaped figure tend to have a bigger bust but Adele draws all the attention from her bust and draws the waistline in. This dress covers 70% of Adele’s body yet the print on the dress and colour combination draws immediate attention to her. This look is out there and very high fashion. The dress celebrates fullness around the middle area of the body and I love how Adele has confidence and flaunts it with fashion.


article-1328628293214-119EAFC8000005DC-521299_636x885 Beyonce is rocking her curves in this tight fitted figure hugging dress. The pattern on the front of the dress draws the attention to the centre of the body therefore smoothing out any lumps and bumps from the chest down to the knees. This dress is perfect for the triangle and pear shape as it defines the small waist and smoothes out the rest of the body.


teri-hatcher Terri Hatcher is looking so elegant in this satin red dress. The belt on the dress defines her bust from her hips giving her body a fantastic shape. The inverted triangle body shape is about defining the waist. A strapless dress is always a good choice for people with this body shape as it flaunts the beautiful shoulder line.


1311804099_nicole-kidman-lg Nicole Kidman really got it right with this dress. Nicole has a rectangular shape body therefore the waistline needs some definition.  This dress not only compliments her shoulders making them broader but it compliments her waistline too. The pleats on the waistline really define her shape and we can definitely see her gorgeous figure. Dresses with pleating definitely compliment the rectangular shape body.


article-2230478-15EF04B6000005DC-930_634x886Kim Kardashian as we all know, is well known for her famous defined bust and bum with herperfect hourglass figure. This dress is elegant yet sexy at the same time. Kim covers the top part of her body but reveals some cleavage. The secret to this look is covered arms and shoulders. The cleavage works as the dress covers the remaining part of Kim’s body right down to her knees. Sexy yet Classy all in one dress.





Tia Duffy


Since 2011 Tia Duffy has been one of Irelands leading plus size models as well as a spokesperson on body   image and confidence. Tia is internationally recognised and signed in Ireland (Assets Models) the UK, South  Africa and the USA. You can visit Tia’s FaceBook page “Tia Duffy Curvy Model” .

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