The Sun and chlorine can wreak havoc with your hair. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, ‘I love my hair on holidays!’

There is no miraculous way to combat humidity but I do have a few sneaky tricks for you, using one of my favourite brands, Mane ‘n Tail that will certainly help.

Protect your colour

New 2017 Color Protect Shampoo

Mane ‘n Tail Color Protect Shampoo 335ml €9

Before all else, this should be the most important part of your hair styling regime. Mane ‘n Tail Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner have been proven to maintain colour vibrancy for six weeks!

Use your holiday time as a break for your hair too. Lighten your load and leave the hairspray and styling tools at home. If your hair is naturally curly, embrace it by applying Mane ‘n Tail original conditioner to just washed damp hair.  Scrunch it in and leave to air dry for a more polished, fuzz-free curl that’s soft to touch.



Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizer Shampoo 335ml €9

For limp flat holiday hair, use Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizer Shampoo – yes, I did say deep moisture on limp hair – and instead of applying conditioner and rinsing it out, leave it in and comb your hair flat into a low ponytail or bun for a sleek shiny Latino look – team with red lips!

Mane 'n Tail Color Protect Conditioner 335ml €9

Mane ‘n Tail Color Protect Conditioner 335ml €9

Don’t let your hair dehydrate in the Sun! Before heading outside, lather your hair in a layer of Mane ‘n Tail Color Protect Conditioner – comb through and pop under a hat. You’re pretty much giving your hair an intensive conditioning treatment without having to go to the salon. Leave it in all day and rinse out when you hit the shower. If hats aren’t your thing, just pop it in a bun.

Mane ‘n Tail is now available through leading wholesalers United Drug Blackhall and Uniphar, so Irish haircare stockists can expect a stampede!