Summer is here. You can feel the heat vibrating in the abandoned pool, bleached by the burning Sun. Okay, not true, but a girl can dream, right? There’s still a thrill in the air that can spur the rebellious city dweller to shatter old rules and conventions.

For the SUMMER LOOK 2018, Yves Saint Laurent is welcoming a blaze of burning sunshine with a collection inspired by the beauty of a city adventure, as today’s makeup rebel makes a bid for freedom in her very own urban escape. Subvert old codes; find your forbidden playground. Hit the arid streets and get ready to break all the rules.


Beat the heat: Zoe Kravitz, a new urban rebel

image001Can’t swim? So, skate. As expectation hangs heavy in the air, hazy with arid heat, Zoë Kravitz has no interest in the ordinary – she simply longs to be off the radar.

Escaping the city heat, she discovers an abandoned and empty suburban swimming pool to satisfy her desire for novelty. Her eyes awash with the city shades, her lips carry the heat of burnt red. Shadows play a teasing game with the light as she waits on her skateboard. Holding us in her gaze; daring us to challenge her. The rules of the city are hers to subvert.


COUTURE PALETTE COLLECTOR – Make the city your playground

L8259000-Palette_Summer look-2018Skate into the unknown; prepare for the thrill of the ride. The star of urban escape comes in the form of the COUTURE PALETTE COLLECTOR.

Abandon the norm, push your limits – get ready to express yourself differently. Intense blue-greys capture the shades of the fragmented pavement, then meet the bold ‘vert-de-gris’ of carved stone statues to set the eyes alight.

Hot, yet refreshing. In a clever contradiction, it finds harmony with silver, glittering like the light on the city’s windows. A new eye hero; one to collect and keep for days when only liberty and escapism will do.

3614271269621_1_dessin-du-regard-waterproof-eye-pencil_Alt1DESSIN DU REGARD WATERPROOF – Lay claim to the streets

Graphic, yet lustrous like anthracite, a rebellious new shade adds fearless definition to eyes. Smudge resistant, lock-in colour, it’s foolproof, waterproof and heatproof – no matter how you make your escape.

Available in new No 7 GRIS DÉSINVOLTE.


image005BABY DOLL KISS & BLUSH – Feel the hazy heat

Designed for existing addicts and those discovering KISS & BLUSH for the first time, a new limited edition burgundy shade comes along for the ride, for a limited time only.

Apply, build, blend seamlessly as you desire, the airy velvet texture melts onto lips and cheeks, leaving a modern matte finish and the flush of a thrilling escape.

Available in No 26 FORBIDDEN RED.

image006ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE – The Road to Freedom

To empower the urban daredevil on her adventure, it could only be red. For this collection, two new limited edition ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE shades make a break for freedom.

Playing with the idea of light and shadow, warm pops of colour meet the care of a lipstick thanks to nourishing oils, delivering maximum shine and comfort.

Available in No 75 RED IN THE LIGHT and No 76 RED IN THE DARK.


image007VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-BALM – Liberty rules

For the easy rider, a new effortless duo to add to your VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-BALM collection. Glide-on, feel good for hours. Two under-the-radar tints melt like butter onto lips for lasting softness and hydration. Your lips – but better.


3614270891946_Bronzing-Stones_02LES SAHARIENNES BRONZING STONES – Play games with the sunlight

Get tickled by shards of sunlight, illuminating skin with an irresistible glow. The new limited edition shade of LES SAHARIENNES is as smooth as the marble of the city fountains, sweeping over the face to summon your best features into the limelight.

Iridescent pearls capture then master the light, bestowing luminosity on summer skin to enhance your natural radiance as the ride continues.

Available in No 4 GOLDEN BLISS.





L8246000-la-laque-couture-la-vernitheque_102LA LAQUE COUTURE – Find your edge

Playing in the shadows; a new shade joins the ongoing wardrobe of LA LAQUE COUTURE, bringing an edgy urban vibe to Summer nails.

Easy-to-wear with a secret blue-grey undertone, it intuitively flatters all skin tones. Wear it alone or break all the rules by match-making it with another shade to create an arty and chic style.

Available in No 102 GRIS GRAFFITI.

L8246600-la-laque-couture-la-vernitheque_106LA LAQUE COUTURE – Limited shades for the fearless urban nomad

Hot, hot red – or cool, steely metallic grey; to capture the heat bouncing off the high-rise buildings, two contrasting shades dress nails in the colours of the urban landscape for a limited time only.

Available in No 103 RED ANARCHY and No 106 CLANDESTINE SILVER.


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